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Wooden Rocking Balance Board

$1.00 / day

Get children moving with this multi-use Wooden Rocking Balance Board. It is super strong and has the capacity to hold 200kgs. The board can be used as a slide, seesaw, step, bridge, play house, rocker, tunnel and lounge seat. This is the best valued balance board currently available in Australia. The quality & craftsmanship is superb, it more than matches the quality of similar balance boards on offer.

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Helps Improve Mental Concentration – For your children to balance properly, he or she must learn how to keep their centre of law of gravity aligned over your bottom of support. Challenging their balance forces the left & right halves of your brain to communicate more, thus boosting coordination. If they then move an arm or leg throughout the mid-line of their body they further challenge neuro-muscular communication.Helps Improve Strength & Co-ordination – The Balance Board will help develop strength & muscle.